just be.

"I am one intense adjective at a time, I don't resist those feelings. I rest in ...those moments." -Jill Scott

Thursday, July 29, 2010


The amazing Dawn Okoro engages us in a conversation unwillingly in her drawings. Each of her projects having their own purpose but all telling you that woman is power, woman is free, woman is sexuality, woman is everything. Without taking the deserved respect from sisters with relaxers, there is the honoring of the FRO which I admire most about her works. Like the body the fro can be fruppy, perfect, flat, round, everything. Her collections embody the message I want to give to those who will give me a moment, just be. To the left, "Breath Easy" of the Power project.

"Shine 2" of the Crown and Glory project.


love lying next to creation breathed romance in the air
with an innocent desire joining in our minds our flesh began to dance

dance to a rhythm we could only hear

we both in that moment desperately wanted to create more "we's"
even if it was filled with pure lust

not caring if tomorrow monring a few sighs would come to
but still amazingly still smiling

loving love
loving this space

you dared to sing with me again


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hollyweerd- Ur Smile (Full Version)

Black Dynamite, worth the listen folks!


I'm a sucka for fros! Dryden Goodwin captures the pure energy of a fro. No fancy work just magic. Peak at number 27 of the series.


His website:

Monday, July 5, 2010


beware of all the things that appear harmless but intend to poison us. they may appear in thoughts, friends, behaivor, entertainment, and in your own home. one by one they pull us to their victory. resist. as we love the world the world doesn't love us constantly. don't blend these harmless appearances with what you know to be love. let them stand out boldly.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I GOT SOUL! 'The Pairabirds'

Tabitha Brown, the creative drive behind The Pairabirds, is able to offer you the perfect amount of soul in her artwork. Her funky pieces are fused with Asain influences and diverse look as well, but don't be confused the funk still rises. Check out her website:

The Pairabirds: Art by illustrator Tabitha Bianca Brown

She also has a flickr account is updated frequently with gorgeous sketches and projects. Take a peak: