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"I am one intense adjective at a time, I don't resist those feelings. I rest in ...those moments." -Jill Scott

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"i never knew a love, love quite like this.."

Once I insisted on punishing my mind for acts I knew to be wrong forgetting I serve a forgiving God, a healing God. I always claimed self love but allowed bad judgements to torture me. I discovered real self love. Giving me the untainted spirit a child has before they realize they are a she or a he, before they realize if they need big tits or a big dick. Like before the chocalote girl was told she was pretty for a chocalote girl, before the world offered its sweet poison. love thyself. self preservation is beyond survival but living with harmony and being fruitful. love. live. karma is love.

love yourself down to your dirty draws. haha
("You Are Here"by The Pairabirds, Tabitha Brown)

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