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"I am one intense adjective at a time, I don't resist those feelings. I rest in ...those moments." -Jill Scott

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oshun to the Rescue!

a reminder to black women.

Venus who?
No call me Oshun.

Show you what?
How dynamic I am?
How genius I am?

So you can betray me?
Disregard and praise me all in the same blink
as you did Sarah Baartman.

Or rather put me up for show on your magazines
and claim it as your art, creating my demise.

No, I'd rather not.
You'll have to excuse me

I got a flock of Oshuns
I must see to.
See the forgot to include me in your fairytales.
My darlings Cinderella does not love you!

I am divine.
I disregard your foolish definitions of what you don't understand.
I am mother of ALL.

The reason you dance.

Black women you are Black gold.

This world may forget you but when you retreat with me you shall see why I weep for you and what you call life.
Now I offer you harmony.

Be me.

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